Ferritic Nitrocarburizing in Salt Baths -Tenifer®

The best alternative to the gas nitriding is the ferritic nitrocarburizing made in salts baths with traditional process Tenifer® by Degussa.

 The main advantage is represented by the speed execution of the treatment; in fact, with the same effective depth obtained, the treatment time is reduced about 1/3 from the gas nitriding. This thermochemical treatment increases the wear resistance and the resistance to mechanical and thermal fatigue and the corrosion resistance of the treated parts; these characteristics are especially useful in the field of molds for casting and molding of plastics.

Plants (Max Dimensions / Capacities):
Nitrocarburizing Salt Baths (Tenifer®) 400 x 600 / 80 kg
Nitrocarburizing Salt Baths (Tenifer ®) 450 x 600 / 100 kg