Gas nitriding

The main advantages of nitriding originate from the parameters themselves of the thermochemical treatment, very different from those of the carburizing, and varies from the lack of deformations (or their reduction to a minimum) to a veryrestricted increasing in volume respect to volume changes (often out of control) reached with carburizing, allowing in many cases the elimination of finishing operations. The technological advantages come from an average higher surface hardness of the nitrided layer with consequent raising of the wear and erosion resistance and an increasing in mechanical fatigue resistance; in addition, that hardness is maintained up to high exercise temperatures (advantage particularly interesting in the field of tools which work at temperatures higher than 150 ÷ 200 ° C and subjected to thermal fatigue).

The use of the H2 probes to check the nitriding potential (KN) in the atmosphere allows to manage the process gases and, consequently, the making of nitride in function of the customers need.

The wide range of our nitriding devices allows a high flexibility, a very important factor to be your punctual and reliable partner.

Furnaces (Max Dimensions / Capacities):
SAFED Furnace: 900 x 4500 mm / 5000 kg
GADDA Furnace: 700 x 2100 mm / 2000 kg
“TECMA GRANDE” Furnace: 600 x 3100 mm / 3000 kg
FRANCI Furnace: 500 x 800 mm / 800 kg
“TECMA PICCOLO” Furnace: 500 x 800 mm / 800 kg

Gas nitriding process controlled by nitriding potential; Execution according to SAE AMS 2759/10A